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Web Designing Interview Questions

1. Difference between == operator and === operator.

== operator compares the value of the variable while === operator compares both value and datatype of the variable.

2. Check the is true are false. JavaScript is a Programming language.

False, JavaScript is a scripting language.

3. HTML is case sensitive or not.

HTML is not a case sensitive language.

4. Output For this statement. “hello+world”


5. Write a code syntax for converting “hello”,”world” to “HelloWorld”

str=”hello”,str1=”world” str3=str.replace(‘h’,’H’)+str1.replace(‘w’,’W’);

6. Give an example for predefined and user-defined functions.

Ans. Predefined function,

Sort()= used to sort an array


Function handle()




7. Declare Multidimensional array.


8. Which operator used to access objects.

Membership dot operator (.).

9. Mention some object oriented programming concepts in JavaScript.

Inheritance, overloading, constructors.

10. Mention the operators cannot be overloaded

dot operators, scope resolution operators.

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