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As the name implies, Robohub is a center for everything related to robotics. Blogs are published several times a day. it describes as “more than an online robotics news site.” It is based on a dedicated community of voices within the industry. For anyone interested in reading about robotics from knowledgeable people in the industry, this is definitely a place to consult.

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The Robotics Industries Association publishes almost every day. They have a news flow, which publishes the latest in the robotics industry, and a flow of Industry Insights, in which they carefully analyze some of the problems behind robotics.

RoboGlobal News

RoboGlobal covers robotics from an investment perspective for some quick summaries of the latest headlines in robotics and occasional publications. Mainly, the site tracks the tendencies in robotic actions, while its publications in the blog analyze the general trends in robotics.

Robotics Business Review

The Robotics Business Review claims to be “the largest and most comprehensive online news and information resource on robotics.” He regularly publishes on all aspects of the robotics business. However, most of its publications are only short summaries and you must pay an annual fee to access the full article.

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The Robot Report

The Robot Report is written by the roboticist, Frank Tobe, co-founder of Robo-Stox, a tracking index for the robotics industry, now RoboGlobal (see above). Through the blog, he intends to continue the business of robotics and regularly report on developments in all areas of the robotics industry.

Robotics Industry News, Applications and Trends @ Robotic

Here at Robotic, we publish news every week about robotics. Most of our coverage is about collaborative robots and the technical problems related to robotic grip, force detection and robotic vision , since our main products are clamps, force sensors and a camera.

But we also publish on robotic foundations, such as what to study for a career in robotics, basic concepts of force control and how to integrate your first robot.

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