Top 5 Cloud Security Certifications in 2019

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Top 5 Cloud Security Certifications in 2019

Top 5 Cloud Security Certifications in 2019

In recent years, no other area of information technology has produced as much publicity, interest, and investment as cloud computing. Although the term may have different meanings for different users, there is no doubt that a cloud is now a permanent tool for end-users and service providers, as well as for companies and global organizations of all sizes. Tracking Cloud Security Certificates is a proven way to gain knowledge to ensure new features.

The cloud services market is expected to grow significantly in 2022, as in recent years. In fact, Gartner expects the cloud market to reach $ 214.3 billion by the end of 2019.

For 2019, the best certification in the cloud includes neutral certification options for suppliers and supplier options of some of the best players in the market.

Reasons to Take up a Cloud Security Certifications

Although cloud service providers implement the industry’s best security standards and certifications, storing important data and files in external service providers still involves risks. Any discussion involving data must address security and privacy, especially with respect to the management of confidential data.

Nowadays, 18.1 percent of all cloud-based downloaded content contains organization-specific, confidential information. Hence, protecting this confidential information is a major challenge for any organization. So, it is clear that securing the cloud environment is a necessity.

IT professionals with cloud security certification can expect to earn higher than others. The average salary of a certified cloud security professional is 5-6 lakh per annum which will be higher in the near future.

Top 5 Cloud Security Certification

The certifications show current and potential employers that you are excited about the job and ready to go further. And they can help you demonstrate that you have the skills to work in the cloud by measuring your knowledge using industry best practices. There are several categories in the Cloud Certification, as follows

  • Vendor-Specific
  • Vendor Neutral
  • General Category

However, In this blog, we have highlighted only vendor-neutral cloud security certifications as these are the most effective ones across the cloud platforms.

  1.  Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)
  2.  Certified Cloud Security Specialist (CCSS)
  3.  Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
  4.  Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services
  5.   Professional Cloud Security Manager

1. Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

Hosted by the Cloud Security Alliance and introduced in 2010, the Cloud Security Certificate (CCSK) is a widely accepted and appreciated certification in the field of information technology. This rare certificate provides employers with validation of their cloud security skills (obtained through their work and experience) and the technical skills, knowledge, and skills required worldwide to develop a cloud security program. effective and holistic.

CCSK Exam Prerequisites

Although there are no prerequisites for passing the CCSK certification exam, the Cloud Security Alliance has some recommendations for certification candidates. More importantly, candidates register for CCSK training to prepare for the exam.

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2. Certified Cloud Security Specialist (CCSS)

Organized by the Global Forum on Science and Technology (GSTF), applicants for certification must complete a four-day classroom training program to obtain this security certification in the cloud. By focusing on real-world project work, CCSS focuses on the knowledge and skills of a cloud security risk as well as the management and mitigation of vendor-neutral cloud security issues.

The certification leverages the knowledge of cloud security features from the principles and architectural design of the cloud, as well as details of architectural and technological security taxonomy. Topics in the certification course cover security as a service, risk management and security, perimeter cloud security administration, and the infrastructure defense process.

CCSS Exam Prerequisites

To qualify, the CCSS certification candidate must have obtained one of the following certifications before attending the classroom training program:

  • Certified GSTF Cloud Computing Associate (CCCA)
  • CCCS certified cloud computing specialist

3. Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

Organized by a combined effort between (ISC) ² and Cloud Security Alliance. To qualify for the Certified Cloud Security Professional exam, interested parties must have five years of full-time professional experience in the information technology sector. Three of these years must be related to information security and one year to architecture concepts, design requirements, cloud data security, platform security, and cloud infrastructure., cloud application security, operations, and legal compliance. IT Professionals can replace the one-year requirement by obtaining the Security Security Alliance’s Cloud Knowledge Certificate, and they can replace the full five-year requirement by obtaining CISSP accreditation.

CCSP Exam Prerequisites

To qualify as a candidate for the CCSP certification exam, candidates must have met one of the following conditions:

  • Five years of full-time experience in IT. These include three years of direct work with information security, as well as a year dedicated to the requirements and concepts of cloud architectural design, data security, and cloud applications. , operations, infrastructure security, law. and compliance
  • Or, You must have earned (ISC)²’s CISSP accreditation

4. Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services

EXIN, a Dutch certifier of IT professionals around the world, encourages its students to take an integrated approach to IT problems and challenges. As such, those who become Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services do so for free by combining the following core certificates: IT Service Management, Information Security, and Cloud Computing. Each of these basic certificates costs 155 USD. However, professionals have some flexibility to qualify for this integrated certificate.

Exam Pre-requisite:

  • Foundational certificates

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5. Professional Cloud Security Manager

Managed by EXIN, the Cloud Credential Council Professional Cloud Security Manager certification program prepares IT professionals for cloud computing security, risk, and compliance issues. Specifically, the program focuses on the intersection of business and technical security issues in a company’s cloud computing environment. Technically, IT professionals are not required to request the exam. However, the Cloud Credentials Council recommends interested parties to enter the program with five years of professional experience in the field of enterprise security, as well as in-depth knowledge of cloud services and implementation models. artwork.

Exam Pre-requisite:

  • Technically there are no pre-requisites, but the applicant must be a full time IT professional.


In conclusion, apart from the most popular cloud security certifications mentioned above, there are also many cloud security certifications. While certificates are not always equal to the competition, Cloud Security Certifications are associated with a higher salary. Most on-demand cloud security certifications help cloud professionals stand out, as they already have industry-proven knowledge and skills against industry standards. Yes, It is worth it.

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