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Tableau Interview Questions for Beginners


1. What is dimension & measure?

Dimension is a qualitative, categorical field. E.g.: place, date, category, name.

Measure is a quantitative, numerical value which can be aggregated.

2. What are the different types of filter?

Context filter, extract filter, data source filter, quick filter,Dimension filter, measure filter, table calculation filter

3. Define calculated field?

It is user defined field where we can write functions

4. What are the types of joins?

Inner, left, right, full outer join

5. What is Tableau desktop and Tableau server?

Tableau desktop is developer environment where creation of charts and dashboards are done.

Tableau server – host your dashboards and distribute it to end users.

6. What is a parameter?

Parameters are dynamic variables/values that replace the constant values in data calculations and filters.

7. What is Tableau reader?

t is a desktop application which can open Tableau dashboards on view only mode.

8. When do we use a Gantt chart?

Gantt chart is used to interpret duration on a time series on different dimension

9. What is datediff function?

It is used for finding duration between two dates


10. What is data blending?

Data blending is the ability to bring data from multiple data sources into one Tableau view

11. What is a dual axis chart?

Two charts on the same worksheet with independent or synchronized axis

12. What is an TDE file?

TDE is the extension of Tableau data extract. It is an offline copy of the data source.

13. What are the types of forecasting models available in Tableau?

Automatic, automatic with seasonality, custom – additive, multiplicative

14. How do you compute quartiles?

Use median and divide the data into two halves. Use inner median to make the halves into quartiles.

15. What are the types of LOD expressions?

Fixed, include, exclude

16. Which filter is essential for filtering the data when a fixed LOD expression is used?

Context filter

17. What are the best ways to represent time series data?

Line chart, area chart, bar chart

18. How can we analyze the performance of the dashboard?

Using “Start Performance Recording” option on help menu

19. Which is the best way to secure our data at user level?

User filter helps to set row level security for each group/user.

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