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RPA life cycle


The RPA life cycle begins with the analysis phase. The business team and the RPA strategist / architect work together to identify a business process for the development of RPA. Most of the development follows an agile methodology that is customized (some modifications) is agile.

The main objective of this analysis is to identify the processes that are viable for automation, as well as to save time and manual effort.

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Once the process is finished, work planning that includes resources and time identification is being formulated with the help of an RPA leader.

A formal approach is being documented and after the development approval of all interested parties is initiated.

Bot Development

The RPA (Team) developer starts working on the requirements of their environment, possibly in a separate development environment.

Most of the development is guided by an assistant, with a limited or no encoding / writing effort.

However, there are cases in which RPA tools have limitations and coding is necessary.


There are two approaches in which the tests are performed:

  • Separate test equipment.
  • Tests performed only by the RPA development team.

Some members of the organization believe that, unlike the life cycle of SDLC software development in RPA testing, it is not an extremely critical part in most organizations; is ready for deployment.

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While others have a dedicated testing team that performs a dedicated quality control, such as the normal flow of SDLC.

We recommend having a dedicated test team that performs the quality control of the developed bot.

Deployment and Maintenance

After the closure of the development and testing, a robot is ready for implementation and enters the maintenance phase.

Every time there is a change in a process, the script / bot is updated or, in a case, any problem that is detected in a bot will be re-implemented following the dev-test process again.

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