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Pros and Cons of RPA

Pros of RPA

Elimination of administrative errors

Each business sells one thing or another. The sale and transaction of money / information is an important function. The administrative staff can sometimes make a mistake, especially in matters of money. With RPA implemented, the scope of such error is almost nil.

Doing all the boring jobs for you

With robots doing all the work for you, human brains could be used for more important things than simply copying things or keeping records. Robots can do these things without rest, 24/7 without complaints.

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More attention to the customer experience

While the machines work on the backend, more attention can be paid to connections between people. The frontend would obtain a more complete labor force, there would be a better commitment of the client that would result in a general growth of the business.

Unforeseen productivity

There are many doubts regarding the application of the RPA, but there is doubt that it does not exist. With a robotic workforce, productivity will increase manifold. The reason is simple to understand. The robots do not take breaks. They do not need vacations, they do not have a family member / child who must attend and they rarely feel tired or sad. All they are going to do is work.

Costs saved, benefits realized

While you are not spending a monthly amount on employees, you are also doing a lot more work. Although the initial installation cost may be a little high, there is no associated cyclic cost, apart from the fact that each machine needs service from time to time.

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Cons of RPA

Not all are experts in technology

While having robots working for you in the office may seem like a scene from a science fiction movie, let’s get out of that fantasy and recognize that RPA is a complex system and that not everyone can master it. While technical advances and better technical understanding, specialized training can turn this threat into an opportunity.

Establishing a complete system in place can take a while

Speaking monetarily and logistically, establishing a new work system may require a lot of work. Especially for administration, technical advances always come with a promise and a threat. It requires many strategic tactics and a lot of brainstorming about proper implementation.

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Many functions are still out of reach

There is a limited number of things that RPA could serve as a complete replacement. For example, things written by hand may require human interference. From one end to the other, complete automation can be a great opportunity.

What to expect

The unrealistic expectations of an RPA system remain a great challenge. It is important that decision makers understand what RPA can and can not do, and set goals and objectives in line with that. The complete understanding of the system and the implementation will be a challenge for entrepreneurs and technocrats.

Would they rise or eliminate?

Another concern is whether robots would simply help humans or slowly (as in science fiction movies again) they will reach them. Would they serve as mere resources or would they lead? The problem with artificial intelligence is that it is taking too much data from many places. Is it valid to deliver vital and confidential information in the hands of a robot? We have to find an answer.

The conclusion is that with great technology comes a great responsibility. The RPA insurance seems palpable for the use of business automation. But to what extent and in what capacity is a question that still persists.

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