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Besant Technologies offers the best J2EE Training in Marathahalli with the aid of the most talented and well experienced professionals. Our instructors are working in J2EE and related technologies for quite a number of years in leading multi-national companies around the world. What makes us trusted masters in this field is the fact that we are clearly aware of industry needs and we are offering training in a very much practical way.

Our team of J2EE trainers offers J2EE Training in various different modes such as Classroom training, J2EE Online Training, J2EE Corporate Training, Fast track training, and One-to-One training. Our team of experts has framed our J2EE syllabus to match with the real world requirements and industry expectations right from beginner level to advanced level. Our training will be held either on weekdays or weekends depending upon the participant’s requirement.

The major topics we cover under this J2EE course are Syllabus Introduction, Servlets Overview Servlet Lifecycle, Types of Servlets, Servlet to Database Connectivity, Types of Cookies, Introduction to JSP, Life Cycle of JSP, Custom Tags with real-time experience.

Every topic will be covered in the most practical way with the assistance of various real-time examples. And also we will give an overview of Servlets, Session Handling, Database Handling, JSP, Struts, MVC, Tiles, Hibernate.

Besant Technologies Provides J2EE Training Courses in Marathahalli & BTM Layout at Bangalore. Our Training Institute has now started providing certification oriented J2EE Training in Bangalore. Our participants will be eligible to clear all type of interviews at the end of our sessions. We are building a team of J2EE trainers and participants for their future help and assistance in subject. Our training will be focused on assisting in placements as well. We have a separate HR team professionals who will take care of all your interview needs. Our J2EE Training Course Fees is very moderate compared to others. We are the only J2EE training institute who can share video reviews of all our students. We mentioned the course timings and start date as well below.

    J2EE Course Syllabus (Total Duration-30hrs)

      Module 1: JDBC (Duration-3hrs)

      • Introduction to JDBC
      • Databases and Drivers
      • Types of Driver
      • Loading a driver class file
      • Establishing the Connection to different
      • Database with different Driver
      • Executing SQL queries by ResultSet,Statements , PreparedStatment interface.
      • Using CallableStatement
      • Transaction Management & BatchUpdate
      • Programs/Interview related Question and Answer
      • Module 2: JSP (Duration-5hrs)

          Basics Of Jsp

        • Life cycle of JSP
        • JSP API
        • JSP in Eclipse and other IDE’s
        • Programs/Interview related Question and Answer.
        • Scripting Elements

        • scriptlet tag
        • expression tag
        • declaration tag
        • Programs/Interview related Question and Answer.
        • Implicit Objects

        • out
        • request
        • response
        • config
        • application
        • session
        • pageContext
        • page
        • exception
        • rograms/Interview related Question and Answer.
        • Directive Elements

        • page directive
        • include directive
        • taglib directive
        • Programs/Interview related Question and Answer
        • Exception Handling

          Action Elements

        • jsp:forward
        • jsp:include
        • Bean class
        • jsp:useBean
        • jsp:setProperty & jsp:getProperty
        • Displaying applet in JSP
        • Expression Language

        • What is expression and how to use it
        • Define expression and use over the service flow
        • The way to be achieve same in JSP
        • Mvc In Jsp

        • MVC pattern
        • Working flow implementation of MVC
        • CRUD operation using MVC
        • Design a real time web application using MVC
        • JSTL

        • Discussion on the tag library
        • How to implement and use
        • Custom Tags

        • Custom Tag : What and Why?
        • Custom Tag API?
        • Custom Tag Example
        • Attributes
        • Iteration
        • Custom URI
        • Module 3: Servlet ( Duration-7hrs)

          • Basics of Servlet
          • Servlet: What and Why?
          • Basics of Web
          • Servlet API
          • Servlet Interface
          • GenericServlet
          • HttpServlet
          • Servlet Life Cycle
          • Working with Apache Tomcat Server
          • Steps to create a servlet in Tomcat
          • How servlet works?
          • servlet in Myeclipse
          • servlet in Eclipse
          • servlet in Netbeans
          • Servlet request

          • Servlet Request methods
          • Registration example with DB
          • Servlet Collaboration

          • Request Dispatcher
          • send Redirect
          • Servlet Configure

          • Servlet Configure methods
          • Servlet Configure example
          • Servlet Context

          • Servlet Context methods
          • Servlet Context example
          • Session Tracking

          • Cookies
          • Hidden Form Field
          • URL Rewriting
          • HttpSession
          • Module 4: Concurrent and implementation of collection(Duration-2hrs)

            • Implemenation of ArrayList
            • Implemenation of HashMap
            • Implementation of Queue/PriorityQueue/Deque
            • Module 5: Advanced Multi-Threading (Duration-3hrs)

              • Implemenation of Executor pool service and working mechanism with real time
              • Big file(Single , multiple ) processing using multiple thread
              • Implemenation to achieve thread class and runnable interface
              • Module 6: Javamail Api (Duration-2hrs)

                • Sending Email
                • Sending email through Gmail server
                • Receiving Email
                • Sending HTML content
                • Module 7: Design Pattern (Duration-2hrs)

                  • Singleton
                  • DAO
                  • DTO
                  • MVC
                  • Front Controller
                  • Factory Method
                  • Abstract
                  • etc
                  • Module 8: Junit(Duration-1hr)

                    • JUnit: What and Why?
                    • Annotations used in JUnit
                    • Assert class
                    • Test Cases
                    • Module 9: Maven(Duration-1hr)

                      • Maven: What and Why?
                      • Ant Vs Maven
                      • How to install Maven?
                      • Maven Repository
                      • Understanding pom.xml
                      • Maven Example
                      • Maven Web App Example
                      • Maven using Eclipse
                      • Module 10: Project Guidance(Duration-4hrs)

                        J2EE certification Training in Marathahalli

                        We will guide you to clear the (J2EE Certification) that we are providing is an integrated process that consists of a series of classes and expert lecture sessions. By the end of the certification process, we conduct assessments to test your skills and later award you with certificate as an indicator of your expertise in the subject and technology.

                        I would like to thank Besant Technologies for their wonderful support and the assistance offered during the course of my J2EE training process. The trainers were extremely experienced and resourceful which helped us in getting a better grasp on all the subjects. Also, the study materials which were provided was of immense value


                        The training I obtained in Besant Technologies has helped me a lot in gaining knowledge about J2EE Technology. I will now recommend Besant Technologies to all my friends and family. Their training has played a major role in aligning my focus with technology and being able to comprehend it.

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