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Features of Core Java

Features of Core Java

Java is a programming language that is explicitly used for use in the distributed Internet environment. Java can be used to create complete applications that can run on a single computer or can be distributed among servers and clients on the network.

Java is designed to offer flexibility, allowing developers to write code that will run on any device, regardless of structure or platform.

Java is used to develop all kinds of applications on all platforms. Java is used to develop mobile, desktop, web, web, server and dynamic applications. It is also used to develop Android applications and apply them to integrated devices

Most Important Features of Core Java

Generally, Java is a simple, robust and secure programming language. Here are the most important features of Java:

  • Simple
  • An Object-Oriented Programming Language
  • Robust
  • Secure
  • Platform Independence
  • High Performance

1. Simple

Java Programming is easy to learn and its syntax is very easy to understand. There are several reasons for, why Java is Simple, as follows,

  • The Syntax of Java is based on C++. So it is very easy to learn Java after C++.
  • Java doesn’t have the complicated and rarely used features like Explicit Pointers, Operation Overloading, etc.,
  • There is an Automatica Garbage Collection in Java.

This thing makes java very easy and simple to learn.

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2. An Object-Oriented Programming Language

In java, everything an object contains some data and behavior. Object-oriented means that we organize our program as a combination of different types of objects that comprise data and behavior.

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a methodology that simplifies the development and maintenance of software by providing some rules.

3. Robust

Strong simply means strong. Java is powerful because of garbage collection, a simple memory management model, as well as language features such as generic medications, experience with resources, etc. Java directs programmers to reliable programming habits to create highly reliable applications.

4. Security

Java is known for its security. With Java, we can develop virus-free systems. Java programs are run inside a Virtual Machine Sandbox. Java is secured because of the following Security features, as follows

  • Classloader
  • Bytecode Verifier
  • Security Manager

5. Platform Independent

Java is platform-independent because it differs from other languages such as C, C ++, etc., which are grouped into platform-specific devices, while Java is a unique script that runs anywhere. The platform is the hardware or software environment in which the software runs.

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6. High Performance

The Java code is compiled into bytecode, which is highly optimized by the Java compiler so that the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) can run Java applications at full speed. In addition, computationally intensive code can be rewritten in native code and interact with the Java platform through the Java Native Interface (JNI) to improve performance.


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