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Data Science Career Opportunities

Data Science Career Opportunities

The current economy tends to be analytical: companies have been collecting data for many years. According to LinkedIn, there is a great demand for people who can extract and interpret data. These are data scientists.

Data science can cover almost any quantitative work. Data Scientists in different companies, or even within the same company, can do different types of work. The field was gradually divided into more specific functional titles, such as data engineer, data analyst, machine learning engineer, etc. This specialization will certainly accelerate in the future of Data Science Career Opportunities.

What reason Data Science Jobs Pay Packages So High?

In a broader sense, data science is a combination of business and science. To illustrate this further, it is a combination of analysis-based and business-based data. Therefore, it is essential that companies learn how to formulate tasks for future predictions and translate the word problem into a mathematical formula. However, the functions of the data world include highly sensitive and highly sophisticated tasks. Automating decisions is not an easy task, and data science involves a lot of complexity, including the main use of statistics, probability theory and years of rigorous studies. Therefore, given its complexity and operational importance, the average salary for the world of data always belongs to the upper side.

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Data Science Job Prospects in India

The scope of data science in India includes institutions in the fields of banking, health, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, e-commerce, energy, and automotive industries.

From a global perspective, India is second only to the United States by hiring data science professionals. Among the cities, Bangalore has the largest number of data science and analysis jobs, about 27% of the jobs. This was followed by Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

Data scientists with more than 5 years of experience can earn up to 15 hours per year. Experienced data science specialists for more than 10 years often earn more than Rs 20,000 per year.

How to Make a Career in the field of Data Science?

Obviously, you can’t reach the peak of the mountain in one day. Data science is a broad area and to achieve constant professional growth, you must follow the methodology. So you need to follow some strategies as follows,

  • As mentioned earlier, the experience is important in the development of a data scientist, so you must be prepared to accept a small payment package.
  • The combination of analytical skills guarantees more salary scales for data scientists. Therefore, if you are a data scientist in addition to the ability of big data like Hadoop, you can earn 26% more than professionals who only know analytics.
  • Some of the tools that you should try to learn as a data scientist:
    • Intermediate SQL queries
    • Data cleaning
    • Data visualization
    • Probability and statistics
    • More recent big data tools like Hadoop

The above skill set can help you earn up to 25% more than the average salary of data scientists.

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In conclusion, the number of jobs in the world of data is constantly increasing, and data science and big data together provide a great capacity for calculation on the data analysis platform. If you are an ambitious or experienced data scientist and have no exposure to Hadoop, learning Hadoop will surely be an added advantage for your career.

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