Advantages of DevOps

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Given the growth rate of DevOps in the technical industry, CIOs and technology teams are always looking for new opportunities to develop digital products and reduce development costs. The DevOps implementation is more practical when implemented with the best known continuous delivery practices. During the implementation phase, it is necessary to put into use the [...]

Data science Vs Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning

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What is Data Science? Data Science is the extraction of relevant information from the data. It uses various techniques from many fields, such as mathematics, machine learning, computer programming, statistical modeling, engineering and data visualization, recognition and learning of patterns, modeling of uncertainties, data storage and cloud computing. Data science does not necessarily imply big [...]

Basic functions of the RPA tools

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Three Functionalities of RPA tools : A bot must be able to interact with other systems through the screen scraping / API integration. A bot must be able to make decisions and determine its actions based on the entries obtained from other systems. A bot must have an interface to program the bot. Types of [...]

Where is Java used in the real world?

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If you are a beginner and have just started learning Java, could you be thinking exactly where Java is used? You do not see many games written in Java, except in Minecraft, desktop tools such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office are not written in Java, nor their operating systems such as Linux or Windows, then, [...]

What is Automation Anywhere?

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Automation Anywhere is one of the popular RPA providers that offers powerful and easy-to-use RPA capabilities to automate any complex task. It is one of the "Revolutionary Technologies" that changes the way in which the company operates. Automation anywhere allows organizations to automate the processes that humans perform. The automation tool anywhere can automate end-to-end [...]

What is JVM?

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1. A specification where the operation of the Java Virtual Machine is specified. But the implementation provider is independent to choose the algorithm. 2. An implementation Its implementation is known as JRE (Java Runtime Environment). 3. Runtime Instance Whenever you type a Java command at the command prompt to run the Java class, a JVM [...]

What is AngularJS?

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AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework that is used to create web applications. It can be used, changed and shared freely by anyone. AngularJS is developed by Google. It is an excellent framework for creating single-phase applications and line-of-business applications. Characteristics of AngularJS Angular has the following key features that make it one of [...]

Features of Python Programming

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Designed by Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum in 1989, Python is a general purpose dynamic programming language with an emphasis on readability. One of the reasons why it has become such a popular programming language is its code for beginners. While other languages contain a complex syntax that is comparable to reading with a foreign [...]

What is Data Science ?

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Data Science, one of the fastest growing industries today, requires you to keep up to date with the latest trends in technology, tools, industry trends and job opportunities, to stay afloat as an information professional. In this discussion, my goal is to discuss the definition of data science, techniques, the relationship with Big Data and [...]

Pros and Cons of RPA

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Pros of RPA Elimination of administrative errors Each business sells one thing or another. The sale and transaction of money / information is an important function. The administrative staff can sometimes make a mistake, especially in matters of money. With RPA implemented, the scope of such error is almost nil. Doing all the boring jobs [...]