Features of Core Java

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Features of Core Java Java is a programming language that is explicitly used for use in the distributed Internet environment. Java can be used to create complete applications that can run on a single computer or can be distributed among servers and clients on the network. Java is designed to offer flexibility, allowing developers to [...]

Top Reasons for Learning Python Language

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Top Reasons for Learning Python Language Python is a general-purpose programming language. Therefore, you can use the programming language to develop desktop and web applications. In addition, you can use Python to develop complex scientific and digital applications. Python is designed with features to facilitate data analysis and visualization. In this blog, we'll see the [...]

Data Science Career Opportunities

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Data Science Career Opportunities The current economy tends to be analytical: companies have been collecting data for many years. According to LinkedIn, there is a great demand for people who can extract and interpret data. These are data scientists. Data science can cover almost any quantitative work. Data Scientists in different companies, or even within [...]

Top 5 Cloud Security Certifications in 2019

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Top 5 Cloud Security Certifications in 2019 In recent years, no other area of information technology has produced as much publicity, interest, and investment as cloud computing. Although the term may have different meanings for different users, there is no doubt that a cloud is now a permanent tool for end-users and service providers, as [...]

Python Closures

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Table of Contents: Nonlocal variable in a nested function Defining a Closure Function When do we have a closure? When to use closures? Nonlocal variable in a nested function: Before entering the closure, it should first understand what's happening around the functions and variables that are not non-native. An action described in another task is [...]

Key Features of AngularJS

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MVC Architecture Two-Way-Binding Directives Modules Filters Test Friendly Events Services MVC Architecture The Model-View-Controller architecture is the most important feature of AngularJS, which not only increases the value of the framework for the development of client-side applications, but also lays the groundwork for other important features such as the data link and the areas. What [...]

Top 6 Robotics

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Robohub As the name implies, Robohub is a center for everything related to robotics. Blogs are published several times a day. it describes as “more than an online robotics news site.” It is based on a dedicated community of voices within the industry. For anyone interested in reading about robotics from knowledgeable people in the [...]

Differences Between Thick and Thin Client in Blueprism

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Thick and Thin client The thick or thin client architecture is actually quite similar. In both cases, you can consider that it is the client application that runs on a PC whose function is to send and receive data through the network to the server program. The server would normally communicate that information to the [...]

Top DevOps Tools

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Jenkins The main open source automation server, Jenkins is a DevOps tool for monitoring executions of repeated jobs. This extensible automation engine allows DevOps teams to integrate project changes more easily and access results to quickly identify problems. Main features: Autonomous Java-based program ready to run immediately with Windows, Mac OS X and other Unix-like [...]

What is DevOps?

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DevOps is the combination of philosophies, practices and cultural tools that increases an organization's ability to offer high-speed applications and services: it evolves and improves products at a faster pace than organizations that use traditional software development processes and the administration of the infrastructure. . Better and compete more effectively in the market. How DevOps [...]