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Android Interview Questions & Answers

Does Android support other language than Java?

Yes Android apps can be devoloed in c/c++ used with android NDK and SDK. It makes the app performance faster.

What is meant by APK in Android?

Android packaging key. Single class of compressed key with classes, UI, assests, and manifest.

What is the AndroidManifest.xml?

This file is essential in every application. It is declared in the root directory and contains information about the application that the Android system must know before the codes can be executed.

What are the different storage methods in Android?

Android offers several different options for data persistence. Shared Preferences – Store private primitive data in key-value pairs. This sometimes gets limited as it offers only key-value pairs. You cannot save your own java types. Internal Storage – Store private data on the device memory.

What are the four possible states of a process?

  • Visible Activity
  • Foreground Activity
  • Background Activity
  • Empty Process

What is the difference between DVM(Dalvik Virtual Machine) and JVM(Java Virtual Machine)?

DVM is register based and is designed to run on low memory devices. JVM is stack based. The main objective when JVM was designed is to make it run as many platform as possible.

DVM requires less instruction set.

.dex file which DVM can understand is lesser in size compared to .class files.

What is a 9 patch image?

Stretchable image that helps in solving compatibility issues when used with devices with different screen sizes.

What is a resource?

User defined JSON, XML, bitmap, or other file, injected into the application build process, which can later be loaded from code.

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