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Python Closures

Table of Contents: Nonlocal variable in a nested function Defining a Closure Function When do we have a closure? When to use closures? Nonlocal variable in a nested function: Before entering the closure, it should first understand what's happening around the functions and variables that are not non-native. An action described in another task is [...]

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Key Features of AngularJS

MVC Architecture Two-Way-Binding Directives Modules Filters Test Friendly Events Services MVC Architecture The Model-View-Controller architecture is the most important feature of AngularJS, which not only increases the value of the framework for the development of client-side applications, but also lays the groundwork for other important features such as the data link and the areas. What [...]

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Differences Between Thick and Thin Client in Blueprism

Thick and Thin client The thick or thin client architecture is actually quite similar. In both cases, you can consider that it is the client application that runs on a PC whose function is to send and receive data through the network to the server program. The server would normally communicate that information to the [...]

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Top DevOps Tools

Jenkins The main open source automation server, Jenkins is a DevOps tool for monitoring executions of repeated jobs. This extensible automation engine allows DevOps teams to integrate project changes more easily and access results to quickly identify problems. Main features: Autonomous Java-based program ready to run immediately with Windows, Mac OS X and other Unix-like [...]

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What is DevOps?

DevOps is the combination of philosophies, practices and cultural tools that increases an organization's ability to offer high-speed applications and services: it evolves and improves products at a faster pace than organizations that use traditional software development processes and the administration of the infrastructure. . Better and compete more effectively in the market. How DevOps [...]

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Advantages of DevOps

Given the growth rate of DevOps in the technical industry, CIOs and technology teams are always looking for new opportunities to develop digital products and reduce development costs. The DevOps implementation is more practical when implemented with the best known continuous delivery practices. During the implementation phase, it is necessary to put into use the [...]

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Data science Vs Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning

What is Data Science? Data Science is the extraction of relevant information from the data. It uses various techniques from many fields, such as mathematics, machine learning, computer programming, statistical modeling, engineering and data visualization, recognition and learning of patterns, modeling of uncertainties, data storage and cloud computing. Data science does not necessarily imply big [...]

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Basic functions of the RPA tools

Three Functionalities of RPA tools : A bot must be able to interact with other systems through the screen scraping / API integration. A bot must be able to make decisions and determine its actions based on the entries obtained from other systems. A bot must have an interface to program the bot. Types of [...]

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Where is Java used in the real world?

If you are a beginner and have just started learning Java, could you be thinking exactly where Java is used? You do not see many games written in Java, except in Minecraft, desktop tools such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office are not written in Java, nor their operating systems such as Linux or Windows, then, [...]

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